Phil Blazer

Phil Blazer is president of Blazer Communications and publisher of The National Jewish News; creator and host of award-winning Jewish television and radio programs for twenty-eight and forty years, respectively; community activist, author and lecturer. In 1965, Blazer began his Jewish multi-media group with his Jewish Soul radio program, and then went on to begin publishing his newspaper, The National Jewish News, in 1973.

Blazer added the third medium when his television program, Jewish Life with Phil Blazer, debuted in 1977. He has produced over 2000 television programs, making him one of Hollywood's most prolific and longstanding television producers. He is proud to host the longest airing TV show in Los Angeles broadcast history, which also airs in Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami/South Florida, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York City, Palm Springs, St. Louis and Washington DC.

Phil Blazer has comprehensive knowledge of the State of Israel and Jewish communities around the world. Several of Israel's prime ministers have called upon him for his assistance. He has been a consultant for both private enterprise and federal and international governments on numerous issues affecting Israel and World Jewry and has traveled to Israel over 40 times. "You know Israel better than any American I have ever met," stated former Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

One of the highlights of Blazer's career was his involvement with the CIA and the US State Department in the rescue of nearly 1,000 Ethiopian Jews stranded in Sudanese refugee camps, a mission named Operation Joshua. Former President Bush called Blazer "a man of compassion."

By virtue of being in the forefront of community service projects for more than four decades, he has effected social change in every part of the globe. He has led missions, bringing entertainers and persons prominent in government to Israel during times of conflict and peace. Blazer Communications produces concerts and other special events to raise awareness for important causes. Blazer's book authorships include, Theodor Herzl: Father of Zionism and Pioneers of Israel. His latest projects, a book and PBS television documentary, History of Jewish Los Angeles: Wrestling with the Angels, will be completed in early 2006. For the last six years, Blazer Communications has also produced the International Jewish Film Festival, which has attracted some of the world's most respected directors, producers and actors.

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