Joanne Caras

Joanne Caras is the creator of the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook and its sequel Miracles & Meals. A native of Baltimore, Joanne is a graduate of Hood College. For many years she was a children's entertainer and local TV star  who frequently visited hospitals and nursing homes in the Baltimore area.  She was inspired to create her cookbooks after she visited the Carmei Ha'ir soup kitchen in Jerusalem and came home to America determined to raise money to help them feed poor Israelis. Joanne gives all of the profits from  her cookbooks to Carmei Ha'ir and other Jewish charities.  She has been a guest speaker in over 250 cities across the US and around the world and has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines. Joanne currently lives in Florida with her husband Harvey.  Her son Yonatan, daughter in law Sarah and their children Zahava and Shalom live in Jerusalem. Her daughter Rachel lives in St Louis with her husband Dan. And her son Mickey is a Rabbi who lives in Albany NY with his wife Leah and their daughter Chaya.

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